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~Conflict Resolution & Anger Management Program~












The Safe Entry Conflict Resolution and Anger Management Program provides education for people who want to learn how to manage conflict as well as anger (their own or someone else’s), in a positive, functional way.  Participants may include people who internalize anger or those who act out verbally or behaviorally towards friends, family, work or personal relationships. 


We offer a thirty-two hour program, which meets the State of Tennessee requirements for Anger Management and Conflict Resolution.  Participants will be provided with a workbook focusing on the causes of conflict and anger and that provides alternatives to old and inappropriate ways of expressing anger and resolving conflict.

Safe Entry focuses on 4 main areas in the group: Communication, Managing Anger, Stress Management, and Emotional Intelligence.  Upon completion participants will:

  • understand the signs and signals that lead them to anger,

  • learn to identify their stressors and how they experience stress,

  • create healthier ways to cope with stress and manage anger,

  • identify and communicate their feelings,

  • understand and empathize with how others are feeling in order to experience more positive relationships, 

  • develop more effective communication strategies.  

After completion of the group, graduates will receive a certificate and will keep their workbook, which is a useful tool that they may refer to before conflict or their anger gets out of control.


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